Privacy Policy

NOTICE - This Web Site collects certain information relative to users who visit the site. This Web site categorises collected information into certain categories and the privacy of this information is relative to these categories. The holding company does not make any attempt to obtain information that personally identifies users of this website. It is not our policy to sell information to, or otherwise provide access for, unaffiliated third parties. More information on the information categories is available below...

Category I Information on users who visit this site to read or download information. From such users we collect and store only the following information:

  • The domain name through which you gained access to this Web site
  • The precise time and date at which the visit took place
  • The URL of the referring website
  • Basic system information stored in a internet cookie to optimise our services. The holding company does NOT keep any other record of the aforementioned information.

Category II Personally identifiable information contained in e-mails directed to the holding company. Any information collected in this way is used only for purposes of responding to correspondence and addressing issues that may have been raised.

Category III Information collected from users that register for any of the provided services. Any information collected from the respective registration forms is used solely for purposes of delivering and maintaining these services. The aforementioned information is stored in an online database and can be used for commercial purposes. All activities of this commercial exploitation will be done by or on behalf of this website. The holding company guarantees that no records will be sold or shown to any unrelated third party.

Any information that we collect is collected as part of our business practices to: identify demographic information relative to users who access this site; assessing the number and type of users accessing various sections of this site; helping determine what content and business concepts are of interest to our visitors; assess system performance. Such information is also used in statistical form to assist in the development business and marketing strategies, programmes.

We utilise software to create statistic summaries which are used for the above purposes. As a security measure for both the visitors and the holding company, certain software is used to monitor traffic to and within this site. This software also enables us to identify unauthorised access, upload attempts, and other attempts to cause system damage.

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