Stars of Tomorrow 2012
Part 1

10. Jake Dennis

Where is he from?

Jake Dennis was born on 30 June 1996 and is currently just fifteen years old.

Career History

2011: Intersteps Championship, eight wins, CHAMPION
2011: Formula Renault UK Finals, 20th

His current career statistics are: 26 starts, eight wins, seven pole positions and five fastest laps.

My Prediction for the Future

In his first year of cars, Jake won his first championship; you cannot expect any more than that. The Intersteps Championship is the rebranded Formula BMW Championship, which has been a step on the ladder for many of today’s Formula One drivers, however without BMW backing it is not as significant as it used to be. Formula Renault is now considered a step up, so a season in Formula Renault UK during the summer months is his next step.
As he is still at the start of his career there are still many paths open to him, at the age of fifteen he would need two years of Formula Renault, then move up into Formula Three in 2014 at seventeen.  

9. Stefan Wackerbauer

Where is he from?

Stefan Wackerbauer has just turned sixteen years old. He was born in Germany on 2 November 1995.

Career History

2011: Formula BMW Talent Cup, thirteen wins from thirteen starts, CHAMPION
2011: Formula Renault UK Finals, 12th

His current career statistics are: nineteen starts. thirteen wins, two pole positions, zero fastest laps.

My Prediction for the Future

If Sebastien Vettel has become the next Michael Schumacher, then based on his dominance this year, Stefan Wackerbauer is destined to become the next Sebastien Vettel. He dominates on his way to championship glory, and he is already supported by a certain Austrian drinks company that has a habit of making stars.

The problem with Stefan is that he has come from the Formula BMW Talent Cup, a brand new series for 2011 so without any past knowledge of driver development from this series it is hard to say where it sits on the motorsport ladder. It could turn out that it is a series comprising of drivers that were not good enough for Formula Renault Eurocup, and the champion is merely the best of a bad bunch.

I hope this is not the case, but even if it is winning all thirteen races you start in a series on your way to a dominant championship deserves praise, even more considering they were the first thirteen car races of your career, even more considering you are only fifteen years old.

He was disappointing in the Formula Renault UK Finals, struggling to match the top drivers, but towards the end of the series he showed signs of improvement scoring a best finish of sixth place, a full season in Formula Renault either in the Euroseries or the UK series should follow, then he can see how good he really is.

Written by Paul Crossling on Mon, 16 Jan 2012 17:31:37

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