Stars of Tomorrow 2012
Part 3

6. Timmy Hansen

Where is he from?

Timmy Hanson was born in Lidk÷ping in Sweden on 21 May 1992. His is the son of 14 times FIA European Rallycross champion. 10 times Swedish Rallycross champion Kenneth Hansen

Career History

2009: Formula BMW Europe, 13th
2010: Formula BMW Europe, one win, 3rd
2011: Formula Renault 2.0 Alps, four races, one win, 16th
2011: Formula Renault 2.0 Euro Cup, one win 7th

His current career statistics are: 51 starts. three wins, four pole positions, four fastest laps.

My Prediction for the Future

He has improved year on year throughout his career in Formula BMW, and then in Formula Renault, I expect him to have another year in the Formula Renault Euro cup in 2012, where following on from a strong year in 2011 he will be one of the championship favourites. As is standard for Formula Renault Euro cup drivers he should then move onto World Series by Renault for 2013 whereas (hopefully) the Euro cup champion he will get a top drive and get the attention of the Lotus Formula One team in two or three years.

5. Pietro Fantin

Where is he from?

Pietro Fantin was born in Curitiba in Brazil on 28 November 1991

Career History

2010: Formula Three Sudamericana Petrobas (South America), nine races, three wins, 9th
2011: British Formula Three International Series, one win, 8th

His current career statistics are: 49 starts. four wins, three pole positions, seven fastest laps.

My Prediction for the Future

I thought long and hard before including Pietro, there was obvious signs of struggle at the start, but that could be put down to a young driver in a new series in a new country. Towards the end of the season he stowed improved form and claimed a first win in British Formula Three, and with the past successes of Brazilian drivers in British Formula Three it could be the first of many.

Now he has more experience he should win more in 2012 if he stays in the series and possibly challenge the recent dominance of the Carlin team, and follow all those other Brazilian champions into Formula One.

Written by Paul Crossling on Wed, 18 Jan 2012 16:29:58

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