F1 broadcaster guilty
ITV censored by television watchdog

(GMM) F1 broadcaster ITV has been censured by the British television watchdog after cutting to a commercial break during the exciting climax to the San Marino GP.

'Ofcom' ruled that ITV breached Section 6.7(b) of the industry rules by returning after a nearly three minute break to the Michael Schumacher versus Fernando Alonso battle on the last lap.

''In retrospect,'' a statement cited ITV's defense, ''the break should have been taken earlier but, at the time, it had been a difficult call to make.''

ITV, who took over the F1 mantle from the BBC in 1997, had also been criticised for cutting to another break instead of airing Jenson Button's comments in the post race conference.

Ofcom, though - despite the disapproval - took no action.

Written: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 20:50:37

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