WMSC 'White line' shock!

No overtaking at first bend

More details from the recent World Motor Sport Council meeting have emerged in the last 24 hours, with the most significant, and surprising, news being a rule stipulating the use of a new 'lane' system at certain tracks in order to minimise the possibility of first corner accidents.

Beginning in Malaysia next weekend, the first corner will be divided in two by a white line 'no more than 10cm and no less than 8.5cm' wide - according to article 379c of the Sporting Regulations - that will follow the curve of the corner exactly.

The regulations go on to state "Following the extinguishing of the starting lights all cars shall proceed towards the first corner at racing speed; on reaching the corner, those on the left of the grid from the drivers point of view shall take the left hand 'lane', with drivers on the right of the grid taking the right 'lane'."

The idea is to keep the cars in two neat, orderly lines for the first corner, hence negating the possibility of any needless accidents caused by drivers attempting to make up places at such an early stage in the race.

The rule states that drivers shall "continue in their allotted lanes until a green flag is displayed further around the circuit."

This new regulation has, unsurprisingly, come as a surprise to many, and elicited the following response from Williams driver Alex Wurz:

"If it keeps DC off my head i'm all for it."

The Austrians sentiments were echoed by Britains Anthony Davidson, victim of an early race accident with Spykers Adrian Sutil in Australia:

"Excellent news" began Davidson "I may get further than a lap."

Fernando Alonso, World Champion and driving for McLaren, expressed his delight at the idea:

"If it means less of that ridiculous overtaking it is a good idea."

Updatesport will bring you further comment on the rule as the news filters through.

This article was written on Sunday, April 01, 10:44

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